PAC @ VSS 2011

PAC lab has been busy this year, and had a great time sharing our research, ideas, and posters with the attendees of the Vision Sciences Society 2011 conference in Naples, Florida. Read abstracts, download posters, and please email us regarding questions!

Author(s) Title & Abstract PDF (2MB)
Laura E. Thomas Spatial working memory is necessary for embodied guidance of insight. (#16.418) Poster PDF
Christina L. Blaxton,
Hilda M. Fehd, &
Adriane E. Seiffert
Shifted Center-looking suggests flexible allocation of attention in multiple object tracking. (#23.427) Poster PDF
Nicole L. Jardine,
Laura E. Thomas, &
Adriane E. Seiffert
Visually guided self-motion does not impair multiple object-tracking. (#23.433) Poster PDF
Adriane E. Seiffert &
Laura E. Thomas
Quantification of the self-motion load on multiple object tracking: How many objects are you worth? (#23.438) Poster PDF
Rebecca St.Clair &
Adriane E. Seiffert
Misrepresentation of motion direction causes prediction errors in multiple object tracking. (#23.439) Poster PDF

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