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Dr. Adriane Seiffert
Principal Investigator

a.seiffert {at}
Friends & Collaborators

⇒ Randolph Blake
⇒ Frank Tong
⇒ Markus Huff
⇒ Julie Adams


⇒ Hyunyong Park
Former graduate student at Vanderbilt University

⇒ Rebecca St.Clair
Research and Data Analysis Professional at Verizon Wireless

⇒ Laura E. Thomas
Faculty at North Dakota State University

⇒ Nicole Jardine
Graduate Student at the University of Iowa

⇒ Christina (Blaxton) Isenberg
Project Coordinator at Digital River, Minneapolis, Minnesota

⇒ Phil C. Ko
Postdoc at Vanderbilt Memory Disorders Research Lab

⇒ Hilda Fehd
Program Coordinator at the Institute for Software Integrated Systems

⇒ Mike Tombu
Junior Scientist at Defence Research and Development Canada

⇒ Wonyeong Sohn
Junior Scientist at Kimberly-Clark

⇒ Justin Ericson
Post-doctoral Fellow at Duke University

⇒ John Dewey
Post-doctoral Researcher at Central European University