Graduate Studies

A graduate student in the lab would follow the Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience or the Neuroscience program at Vanderbilt University. If you have any inquiries regarding the lab or possible questions please contact us. For more information on the graduate programs follow this link: Vanderbilt Graduate Program in Psychology

Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate students interested in gaining hands on experience exploring the cognitive sciences are welcome to join our lab. Students would participate in designing and working on research projects conducted in the lab. Project design and execution would be supervised by Dr. Adriane Seiffert. Students may attain course credit in Psychology or Neuroscience for their participation in the lab. If interested please contact us via e-mail explaining your research interests and objectives.

Research Participation

Interested in participating in our studies? Log into the Vanderbilt Sona-System and sign up for a PAC Lab study today!