PAC @ VSS 2009

We'll all be proudly sharing our posters with the attendees of the Vision Sciences Society 2009 conference. Download individual posters below. Or, better yet, stop by and see them in person! We'll all be at the Attention: Tracking poster session Tuesday, 8:30am - 12:20pm.

Feel free to download the individual posters below, or click here to download them all in a .zip file!

Rebecca St.Clair & Adriane E. Seiffert (#53.406) Tracking objects with moving textures. [PDF, 1.2MB]
Nicole L. Jardine & Adriane E. Seiffert (#53.407) Shape influences target recovery after a blank in multiple object tracking. [PDF, 1.0MB]
Laura E. Thomas & Adriane E. Seiffert (#53.408) Self-motion influences multiple-object tracking in a virtual environment. [PDF, 3.7MB]
Philip C. Ko & Adriane E. Seiffert (#53.409) Surface features facilitate target recovery after a momentary disappearance during multiple object tracking. [PDF, 1.0MB]
Hilda M. Fehd & Adriane E. Seiffert (#53.410) Why don't people look at targets during multiple object tracking? [PDF, 3.6MB]

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