September 2017

Young Eun's study of visual working memory has been accepted into the Psychological Science Journal.

Sonia Poltoratski accepts a post-doc position at Stanford University. Congrats, Sonia!

August 2017

Malerie McDowell has joined the Tong lab as the new research analyst! Welcome, Malerie!

May 2017

Janneke Jehee has received the 2017 VSS Young Investigator Award, congrats Janneke!

April 2017

Sonia's fMRI study of visual saliency is accepted in the Journal of Neurophysiology.

August 2016

Hojin Jang joins the lab and starts his PhD studies at Vanderbilt. Welcome, Hojin!

August 2015

Mike Pratte starts his new position as assistant professor at MSU. Congrats Mike!

March 2015

Sam, Mike, and Frank's paper on orientation processing in the human LGN is published in Nature Neuroscience.

August 2014

Devin McCormack has joined the Tong lab as the new research analyst! Welcome, Devin!

July 2014

Frank goes to Germany for Tim Kietzmann's glowingly successful PhD defense on July 4. Congrats Dr. Kietzmann!

May 2014

Mike Pratte is the inaugural winner of the Bob Fox Award For Excellence in Postdoctoral Research.

April 2014

A fun and informative workshop at the Vision Sciences Society conference.

March 2014

Frank Tong Joins the editorial committee of the Annual Review of Psychology.

Chris Angeloni departs to begin his PhD program at UPenn! Congrats!

November 2013

Sam Ling has accepted a faculty position at Boston University! Bye bye, Sam!

June 2012

Chris Angeloni has joined the Tong lab as the new research analyst! Welcome, Chris!

May 2012

Frank Tong has been elected to serve on the board of directors for the Vision Sciences Society. Congratulations, Frank!

April 2012

Sonia Poltoratski has been awarded an NSF graduate research fellowship. Congratulations, Sonia!

March 2012

Mike Pratte has been awarded a postdoctoral NRSA fellowship. Congrats, Mike!

February 2012

Tim Kietzmann receives a student travel award from the Vision Sciences Society.

August 2011

Two new graduate students, Young-Eun Park and Sonia Poltoratski, have joined the lab. Welcome, Young-Eun and Sonia!

July 2011

Sammy Hong departs to FAU for a position as assistant professor.

Tim Kietzmann joins the lab as a visiting graduate student on a Fullbright fellowship!

June 2011

Janneke's study of spatial and feature-based attention is in press at Journal of Neuroscience!

April 2011

Dr. Jocelyn Sy joins the lab as a new postdoc. Welcome, Jocelyn! Former lab member Ben Wolfe is awarded an NSF graduate fellowship.

February 2011

Sam Ling joins the lab to conduct high-resolution fMRI studies of the human visual system (also a member of Prof. Randolph Blake's lab)

August 2010

Former research assistant Ben Wolfe heads off to graduate school at UC Berkeley. Best wishes, Ben!

July 2010

Dr. Phil Ko and Dr. Mike Pratte join the lab. Welcome, Phil and Mike!

June 2010

Elizabeth Counterman joins the lab as the new research assistant!
Tomas Knapen is visiting the lab to pursue a collaborative fMRI project.

April 2010

Congrats to Frank for receiving the 2010 Troland Award from the National Academy of Sciences.

March 2010

Janneke departs for the Netherlands, to begin a junior-PI faculty position at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour. Farewell Janneke, we will miss you!

January 2010

Ben's first-author paper is in press at the Journal of Neuroscience Methods.
Jascha's high-resolution fMRI study on orientation selectivity appears in the Journal of Neuroscience.

September 2009

Sammy Hong (PhD) joins the lab, supported by ARRA government funds to the National Institutes of Health. Welcome Sammy!

July 2009

Jascha is awarded an NRSA Postdoctoral Fellowship.

June 2009

Tom McKeeff completes his PhD defense and begins a postdoctoral research position at Harvard University. Congrats Tom!
Joel Pearson receives the 2009 William James Prize for Contributions to the Study of Consciousness, for his paper "The functional impact of mental imagery on conscious perception" (co-authored with Colin Clifford and Frank Tong)

May 2009

Ming Meng accepts a position as Assistant Professor at Dartmouth University.

March 2009

Frank will receive the 2009 Young Investigator Award from the Vision Sciences Society.

February 2009

Stephenie has a first-author paper in Nature on decoding visual working memory. Congratulations, Steph!

November 2008

Rosanne Rademaker joins the lab as a visiting graduate student.

August 2008

Elias Cohen joins the lab as a post-doc.

July 2008

Joel Pearson's paper The functional impact of mental imagery on conscious perception is published in Current Biology.

June 2008

Ben Wolfe enters the Tong Lab as a new RA.

July 2007

The Tong Lab bids farewell to former RA John Dewey, who will enter graduate school at Michigan State in the fall. Good luck, John!
Also, two new post-docs arrive: Janneke Jehee and Jascha Swisher. Welcome to Nashville!

January 2007

The new 7T MRI scanner at VUIIS is up and running!

September 2006

Former research assistant Emma Ferneyhough heads off to graduate school at NYU. Good luck, Emma!

June 1, 2006

Ming Meng receives his Ph.D. from Princeton University. Congrats to Dr. Meng!

May 6, 2006

Research from the Tong lab is highlighted on the cover of the May 6 issue of New Scientist magazine

April 2006

Joel Pearson, who earned his Ph.D in a record-breaking 2.5 years, is a new post-doc affiliated with the lab!

January 2006

Young Investigator Award – Frank has been awarded the Cognitive Neuroscience Society's Young Investigator Award for 2006.

December 2005

Scientific American : Yukiyasu Kamitani and Frank Tong have been selected for the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN 50 award of 2004-2005, which honors 50 individuals, teams, companies or organizations for leadership in technology in research, business or policymaking. They received this award for leading research in neural imaging.

September 2005

Nature Neuroscience - Ming Meng's study of perceptual filling-in of visual phantoms appears in the Sept issue of Nature Neuroscience. Way to go Ming!

May 8, 2005

New York Times Sunday Magazine talks about Kamitani & Tong's visual mind-reading study in their article "Of Two Minds".

April 25, 2005

New York Times highlights an fMRI study of visual "mind-reading" from the Tong lab.