June 2009

Frank participates in a public panel on brain reading at the 2nd annual World Science Festival.

February 2009

Stephenie Harrison and Frank Tong's recent paper in Nature is written up in the MIT Technology Review and by National Geographic.

November 2007

The lab's research is highlighted in a cover article in Popular Mechanics.

May 2006

Research from the Tong Lab is highlighted on the cover of the New Scientist Magazine.

January 2006

Frank Tong has been awarded the Cognitive Neuroscience Society's Young Investigator Award for 2006.

December 2005

Yukiyasu Kamitani and Frank Tong have been selected for the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN 50 award of 2004-2005, which honors 50 individuals, teams, companies or organizations for leadership in technology in research, business or policymaking. They received this award for leading research in neural imaging.

May 2005

New York Times Sunday Magazine talks about Kamitani & Tong's visual mind-reading study in their article "Of Two Minds".

April 2005

The New York Times highlights an fMRI study of visual "mind-reading" from the Tong lab.

October 2000

An article in the New York Times discusses the possibilities of MRI research.