• DECODING ORIENTATION AND MOTION HIGH-RESOLUTION fMRI AT 7 TESLA The Tong Lab uses high-resolution fMRI at 7 Tesla to investigate the functional role of the early visual system in visual perception, attentional selection, figure-ground processing, predictive coding, and visual working memory.
  • FACE AND OBJECT PROCESSING FACE AND OBJECT PROCESSING We study the neurocomputational bases of face and object processing using behavioral methods, functional neuroimaging, TMS, and the development of convolutional neural networks (CNNs) as a model for human recognition performance.
  • MECHANISMS OF VISUAL ATTENTION MECHANISMS OF VISUAL ATTENTION Our lab investigates how bottom-up saliency and top-down attentional signals interact in the early visual system. We are also developing and testing a neurocomputational model of object-based attentional selection.
  • VISUAL WORKING MEMORY VISUAL WORKING MEMORY The Tong Lab pursues research on the behavioral and neural bases of visual working memory. Our goal is to characterize and model the neural representations that underlie visual working memory.
  • DEEP LEARNING NETWORKS DEEP LEARNING NETWORKS OF VISUAL PROCESSING A growing focus of the lab is the application and development of deep learning networks as potential models of human visual performance, especially for object recognition tasks. We are currently working with a variety of networks, including AlexNet, VGG-19, GoogleNet, ResNet and Inception-v3. We have also begun constructing our own deep network architectures.



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August 2018

Huiyuan Miao has joined the lab as she starts her PhD studies at Vanderbilt. Welcome, Miao!

January 2018

Jocelyn Sy starts her new position as senior quantitative researcher at Pearson. Congrats, Jocelyn!

October 2017

Young Eun Park accepts an internship at Meta Co., an augmented reality and computer vision industry. Congrats, Young Eun!

September 2017

Young Eun's study of visual working memory has been accepted into the Psychological Science Journal.

Sonia Poltoratski accepts a post-doc position at Stanford University. Congrats, Sonia!

August 2017

Malerie McDowell has joined the Tong lab as the new research analyst! Welcome, Malerie!

May 2017

Janneke Jehee has received the 2017 VSS Young Investigator Award, congrats Janneke!

April 2017

Sonia's fMRI study of visual saliency is accepted in the Journal of Neurophysiology.

August 2016

Hojin Jang joins the lab and starts his PhD studies at Vanderbilt. Welcome, Hojin!