• DECODING ORIENTATION AND MOTION DECODING ORIENTATION AND MOTION The Tong Lab has developed novel methods to decode orientation- and direction-selective responses from fMRI activity patterns in the visual cortex. These methods allow us to investigate the neural mechanisms that support conscious perception, attentional selection, and visual working memory.
  • FACE AND OBJECT PROCESSING FACE AND OBJECT PROCESSING How are faces and complex objects represented and processed at successive stages of the visual pathway? How are stable or invariant representations achieved, such that a specific item can be robustly identified across a range of viewing conditions?
  • MECHANISMS OF VISUAL ATTENTION MECHANISMS OF VISUAL ATTENTION We are investigating how top-down attention selectively enhances the representation of visual features and complex objects to improve performance at challenging perceptual tasks.
  • VISUAL WORKING MEMORY VISUAL WORKING MEMORY Our lab is developing fMRI and psychophysical methods to better understand how the brain actively maintains precise information about a remembered stimulus over prolonged delay periods.
  • NEURAL BASES OF VISUAL AWARENESS NEURAL BASES OF VISUAL AWARENESS Our lab uses a variety of visual paradigms, binocular rivalry coupled with fMRI to examine the neural basis of visual awareness. These techniques have helped our lab to elucidate several of the functional regions dedicated to complex object processing.



Radial bias is not necessary for orientation decoding.

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March 2015

Sam, Mike, and Frank's paper on orientation processing in the human LGN is published in Nature Neuroscience.

August 2014

Devin McCormack has joined the Tong lab as the new research analyst! Welcome, Devin!

July 2014

Frank goes to Germany for Tim Kietzmann's glowingly successful PhD defense on July 4. Congrats Dr. Kietzmann!

May 2014

Mike Pratte is the inaugural winner of the Bob Fox Award For Excellence in Postdoctoral Research.

April 2014

A fun and informative workshop at the Vision Sciences Society conference.

March 2014

Frank Tong Joins the editorial committee of the Annual Review of Psychology.

Chris Angeloni departs to begin his PhD program at UPenn! Congrats!

November 2013

Sam Ling has accepted a faculty position at Boston University! Bye bye, Sam!

June 2012

Chris Angeloni has joined the Tong lab as the new research analyst! Welcome, Chris!

May 2012

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