Perception, Attention & Control Lab
PI: Adriane Seiffert
Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience
Vanderbilt University

Announcements & PACcolades

July 2012: DSR #22703 STTR Research Project funded.  This collaboration between Vanderbilt University computer scientists and cognitive scientists will work with DiscernTek analysts to create a a system of human-computer interfaces for application to military command or business that represents human perception and cognition for the purpose of providing ready access to salient information.

June 2012: Becky St.Clair will be starting a new job at Verizon Wireless in Texas! Her scientific mind and ability to party rock will definitely be missed in the lab. Congratulations!

May 2012: Becky St.Clair and Hyunyoung Park presented posters at VSS 2012!

Becky presented her poster, "People are sensitive to distractor motion in multiple object tracking."

Hyunyoung presented her poster, "Updating visual working memory is both object-based and feature-selective."

Welcome! The PAC lab explores how people see and direct their attention to moving objects. The ability to follow the movement of multiple objects is an important skill for many activities, such as driving through a busy intersection, keeping up with your friends at an amusement park, or watching a football game. Our methods include human psychophysics, eyetracking, and virtual reality.

We investigate research questions such as:
How does attention track object movement?
What is the neural implementation of this process?
Why do errors in tracking occur?
How is attention involved when people control the motion of objects?
The long-term objective of this work is to understand how visual attention interacts with motion perception and visuo-motor systems to track the motion of target objects. 

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