Mission Statement

  • This is a place where scientists come together to share and develop their knowledge, skills, and talents.
  • We achieve our individual and collective goals while we study neuromodulatory processes in the mammalian cortex – at the receptor, circuit, and systems levels.
  • We strive to deploy and develop whatever tools we need to answer good questions.
  • Where we see a need for connection, we build bridges: between people, theories, domains of knowledge, methodologies, model systems.
  • We hold our integrity and ethical standards tightly; our theories and hypotheses lightly.
  • We maintain a broad and integrated view of our place in the world at large, and the world of science.
  • We commit to acknowledge, value, pay forward, and share openly our resources.
  • In all our endeavors we work with respect for each other, for science, for society, and for the environment.
  • We devote ourselves to humane and respectful practices that dignify animal and human lives at all stages of our research