Join Us

We are particularly interested in folks with a background in animal behavior and electrochemical or electrophysiological recording in vivo; or with biomedical device design and cleanroom/nanofabrication experience. Neuroanatomists are also very welcome. That said, we love to hear from talented and motivated individuals who are interested in joining our group, regardless of background. If that’s you – here’s what to do next.

If you are looking for a postdoctoral position, write to anita.disney[at] Please include a brief description of your research experience, career goals, and why our lab seems like a good fit for you. Also attach a CV, and any unpublished manuscripts (i.e. under review or in preparation) that you would like us to see.

If you are a looking to enter graduate school here at Vanderbilt University and might be interested in completing your dissertation research with us, there are two paths into the lab. You can apply through the Neuroscience (School of Medicine) or Psychology (College of Arts and Sciences) PhD programs. These programs differ and potential applicants should write to anita.disney[at] so that we can start a conversation about which path is right for you.

If you are an undergraduate interested in getting some experience in a research laboratory, you should visit this website
In a nutshell, you have two tracks into the lab:
1) As an RA (with course credit through directed study NSC 292A/292B or PSY290), or
2) As an Honors student
After you have read the above webpage and the relevant linked resources, and read about the projects we do, write to anita.disney[at] Please include a list of neuroscience-relevant courses you might have taken, tell me which of the projects in the lab interest you, and tell me a little about yourself and your goals for research training.