Purchase Options

Law and Neuroscience is available in traditional hard copy format, as well as two electronic formats. Below we provide a brief description of each format.

Traditional Hard Copy Format

The hard copy format of Law and Neuroscience (2nd ed.) can be purchased directly from Aspen Publishers or from amazon.com. (Print ISBN-10: 1543801099).

Enhanced Electronic Format from VitalSource

In addition to the hard copy, Law and Neuroscience (2nd ed.) is available in an enhanced ebook format through the VitalSource Bookshelf platform. This VitalSource book version includes hundreds of multimedia links to videos, full text of original sources, and a host of neuroscientific resources. The platform offers users online/offline access and automatic syncing across devices, as well as the ability to keep notes and highlight within the document. Students are also able to share  notes with a study group for an interactive experience. The VitalSource ebook version can be purchased from VitalSource. (E-ISBN-9781543823318).

Kindle Format

Finally, Law and Neuroscience (2nd ed.) is also available from Amazon in the Kindle e-reader format. The Kindle version is identical in content to the hard copy version, but font size can be adjusted. The Kindle version does allow for some hyperlinks to work, but does not include all of the enhanced elements included with the VitalSource ebook. The Kindle version can be purchased from amazon.com. (ISBN: 1543801099).