Law School Courses in Neurolaw

Since 2006, over 20 schools have offered courses in Law and Neuroscience.  Schools offering the course this year include: Vanderbilt, Minnesota, Harvard, Cincinnati, William & Mary, Duquesne, and John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York.

Courses covering law and neuroscience material have previously been taught at:
Harvard University; Yale Law School; Stanford Law School; University of Pennsylvania; Vanderbilt Law School; University of Minnesota Law School; William & Mary Law School; Fordham Law School; Arizona State University; Boston University; Brooklyn Law School; Oklahoma City Univ. School of Law; University of Maryland Law School; Mercer University School of Law; Duquesne Law School; St. Louis University Law School; Vermont Law School; Utah Law School; Univ. of Miami Law School; Tulane Univ. Law School; Baylor College of Medicine; Temple University’s James Beasley Law School; University of Colorado Law School; Rutgers School of Law; Indiana University School of Medicine; University of Richmond; University of Kent (UK), and Macquarie University (Australia).