Law School Courses in Neurolaw

Since 2006, over 25 schools have offered courses in Law and Neuroscience.  Schools currently or recently offering the course include: Vanderbilt, Minnesota, Harvard, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Univ. of Miami School of Law, Seton Hall, William & Mary, Duquesne, UC Hastings College of the Law, Trinity College (CT), John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York, and Queen’s University (Kingston, ON).

Courses covering law and neuroscience material have previously been taught at:
Harvard Law School; Yale Law School; Stanford Law School; University of Pennsylvania; Vanderbilt Law School; University of Minnesota Law School; William & Mary Law School; Fordham Law School; Arizona State University; Boston University; Brooklyn Law School; Oklahoma City Univ. School of Law; Queen’s University (Kingston, ON); Seton Hall Law School; University of Maryland Law School; Mercer University School of Law; Montgomery College; Centre College (KY); Duquesne Law School; Univ. of Miami School of Law; St. Louis University Law School; Vermont Law School; Utah Law School; Univ. of Miami Law School; Tulane Univ. Law School; Baylor College of Medicine; University of Cincinnati; Temple University’s James Beasley Law School; University of Colorado Law School; Rutgers School of Law; Indiana University School of Medicine; University of Richmond; University of Washington; University of Kent (UK), Macquarie University (Australia); and Zhejiang University Law School (Hangzhou, China).