Contact Information

Room 422, Wilson Hall
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN 37240

Lab Phone: (615) 322-2835

Curriculum Vitae

Quick Bio

I am interested in the mechanism of how our brain makes all kinds of perceptual decisions. I joined Prof. Frank Tong’s lab after graduating from University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I majored in Psychology and Statistics. During my time in Madison, I worked with Prof. Bas Rokers and Dr. Jacqueline Fulvio on how people perceive motion in three-dimensional space, specifically how head motion helped people perceive 3-D motion. When I’m not in the lab, I enjoy cooking and crafting.


Sy, J. L., Miao, H. Y., Marois, R., & Tong, F. (2021). Conscious perception can be both graded and discrete. Journal of experimental psychology. General.

Fulvio, J.M., Miao, H. & Rokers, B. (2021). Head jitter enhances 3D motion perception. Journal of Vision.