Lab Members

Our work is highly collaborative in nature.  This means that the people listed below are a subset of all the excellent individuals that make our research possible.

Chris Sundby

Grad Student

Jason Rajsic

Senior Lecturer





Geoff Woodman

David Sutterer


Superstar Alumi

Kei Fukuda

Assistant Professor

University of Toronto Mississagua

Rob Reinhart

Assistant Professor

Boston University

Melonie Sexton (Williams)


Valenia College

Josh Cosman

Associate Director

Translational Neuromedicine

Pfizer Inc.

Nancy Carlisle

Assistant Professor

Lehigh University

Min-Suk Kang

Assistant Professor

Sungkyunkwan University

Mathieu Servant

Assistant Professor

French National Centre for

Scientific Research, Paris

Emma Megla

Research Assistant/ Lab Manager