Human Information Processing Lab

Welcome to the Human Information Processing Laboratory at Vanderbilt University, headed by Dr. René Marois. Research in the Marois lab centers on two main main topics.

First, much of the lab’s work focuses on understanding the neural basis of attention in humans using fMRI and psychophysical tools. We are particularly interested in understanding the neural basis of attentional capacity limits (Why can we only attend to few objects at a time? Why can’t we carry out more than one task at a time?). We are also exploring the nature of the relationship between attention, working memory, and awareness.

The second research thrust of the lab concerns the growing field of ‘Neurolaw’ in collaboration with faculty members of the Vanderbilt Law School. Specifically, the lab is interested in elucidating the brain mechanisms underlying legal and punishment decision-making, as well as understanding the effect that legal instructions have on these brain mechanisms and decision processes.