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David Zald is one of only a handful of musicians who have mastered the Chapman Stick ®. The Stick ® is a 10-string electric instrument that is played by tapping the strings to the frets. Because no bowing or strumming is needed, both hands can fret the instrument simultaneously. This allows both bass parts and chords or melodies to be played simultaneously. David has been playing the Stick ® since 1985 after hearing Tony Levin of King Crimson play one in concert. His style includes a unique percussive approach to the instrument that makes it sound like a whole band is playing at once. In the 1990s, David was part of an underground music scene in Minneapolis that included a weekly jam session and produced several alternative instrumental improv groups including Earth Size Hale, the Whistle Pigs and the short-lived but glorious Choir Invisible (actually the Choir Invisible was a project in which every song was called the Choir Invisible, but the band changed its name after ever song). However, during that time David was mostly known for his solo performances at art fairs and festivals around the country. With a musical range that transcends classification and draws from New Age, Instrumental Rock, Jazz and World Music, David was a crowd favorite at many festivals. In particular Davids approach to the Stick features a unique percussive style that allows him to play both

Unfortunately, after taking an assistant professor position at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, David dropped out of the music scene for several years. However, the musical itch has never subsided, and David continues to record music in his home studio.

We currently have two CDs available:

The Stickman Cometh (1994) This was Davids debut CD and includes all songs that routinely got radio play in Minneapolis in the mid 1990s. Price $15, includes tax and shipping.
Samples from the Stickman Cometh can be heard at

Solo-Trio (1996) This recording combines solo pieces for stick and pieces performed by the David Zald Trio featuring Bill Hill on Slide and Swell Guitars, and Greg Reierson on percussion. This is a shorter CD and a more stripped down sound, but does a better job of capturing the live organic feel of the David Zald Trio. We do not have a lot of copies of this left. It sells for $10.

Or you can order both CDs together for $20.

To order, e-mail your request.

We are currently working to get the tunes placed on iTunes for direct downloads.

Select tunes (Ahavah and Huzam) are also available on the Relaxation and Regeneration Acoustitherapy CDs which are produced and distributed by Colorado Creative Music. For more information see