The JDM Lab takes a joint experimental and computational modeling approach to study human judgment, decision-making, and reasoning. We study how people make decisions when faced with multiple, complex alternatives and options involving different risks and rewards. For example, it is well documented that context can influence choices. This type of influence can have both positive and negative consequences. Most of us recognize that a store's design influences what products we buy, or how much we spend. Our lab uses computational models to investigate how we make decisions and how we can improve these decisions.

Dr. Trueblood is currently accepting new undergraduate and graduate students to join the lab. If you are interested, please contact her for more details at jennifer.s.trueblood@vanderbilt.edu
Research Highlight
Most past decision research has focused on "stationary" decisions where a choice is made on the basis of fixed, unchanging information. However, in the real world, many decisions are made in the face of dynamically changing information. In work recently published in Cognitive Psychology, we addressed the following key questions: (1) How quickly do people adapt to new information? and (2) How is new information integrated into the decision process? To help address these questions, we developed the Piecewise Linear Ballistic Accumulator model to infer evidence accumulation properties before and after changed information.
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