Experiences and Feelings Quiz


Please answer each item yes or no and keep track of your yes answers on a sheet of paper.

Answer all items even if you are unsure of your answer.


    1.People sometimes find me aloof and distant.


    2.Have you ever had the sense that some person or force is around you, even though you cannot see anyone?


    3.People sometimes comment on my unusual mannerisms and babits


    4.Are you sometimes sure that other people can tell what you are thinking?


    5.Have you ever noticed a common event or object that seems to be a special sign for you?


    6.Some people think that I am a very bizarre person.


    7.I feel I have to be on my guard even with friends.


    8.Some people find me a bit vague and elusive during a conversation.


    9.Do you often pick up hidden threats or put-downs from what people say or do?


   10.When shopping do you get the feeling that other people are taking notice of you?


   11.I feel very uncomfortable in social situations involving unfamiliar people.


   12.Have you had experiences with astrology, seeing the future, UFOs, ESP or a sixth sense?


   13.I sometimes use words in unusual ways.


   14.Have you found that it is best not to let other people know too much about you?


   15.I tend to keep in the background on social occasions.


   16.Do you ever suddenly feel distracted by distant sounds that you are not normally aware of?


   17.Do you often have to keep an eye out to stop people from taking advantage of you?


   18.Do you feel that you are unable to get "close" to people?


   19.I am an odd, unusual person.


   20.I find it hard to communicate clearly what I want to say to people.


   21.I feel very uneasy talking to people I do not know well.


   22.I tend to keep my feelings to myself.


If you answered yes to 14 or more of these questions, you could be eligible for one of our Cognition and Personality studies. Please call  615 322 3435 or e-mail Sohee.park@vanderbilt.edu or frances.c.clemmons@Vanderbilt.Edu