We are looking for healthy individuals for fMRI  studies of self perception and memory.


In order to participate you:


       Can't be on any medications other than birth control.

       Neither you nor your parents, children, or siblings can have been diagnosed with a

mental illness. These include alcoholism, eating disorders, depression, bipolar disorder  and schizophrenia (if either you or a close relative has either of the latter two illnesses you may be eligible for another experiment, so please contact us !).

       Must never have had an epileptic seizure.

       Must never have passed out or blacked out.

       Must not have used marijuana or other drugs for the past month. (If you are a

       regular marijuana smoker but don't use other drugs, we would like to invite you to

       participate in another study about cannabis and cognition, so please call us.)

            Must not be claustrophobic


Must not have any metal in your body. This is important because if you do, it is dangerous to go inside the magnet !


If you qualify or have any questions about whether or not you do, please contact us at 615 322 3435 or e-mail sohee.park@vanderbilt.edu or f.caroline.clemmons@vanderbilt.edu