Rebecca M. Sappington, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

The Vanderbilt Eye Institute

Department of Pharmacology

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

11435 MRB IV

2215B Garland Avenue

Nashville, Tennessee 37232

Tel: (615) 322-0790; Fax: (615) 936-6410

Research Overview

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The Sappington Laboratory

Laboratory for Neuroinflammation


My research program delineates how constitutive and pathological activities intersect for neuroinflammatory pathways. Our goal is to develop therapeutic strategies aimed at restoring constitutive activities rather than simply inhibiting pathological signaling. We currently utilize mouse models, primary cell culture, molecular/cellular techniques, biomaterials and nanotechnology to delineate constitutive and pathological signaling mechanisms for inflammatory cytokines and chemokines. Given the prevalence of age-related diseases affecting sensory function, my model system is the early visual pathways from retina to midbrain. This system provides a unique opportunity to interrogate neurobiological mechanisms with innovative approaches that are prohibitively expensive or technically challenging elsewhere in the central nervous system.

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