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My primary research interest is centered on understanding the cognitive and neural mechanisms of selective attention. More specifically, my program of research has 2 main aims: 1) Determine the functional consequences and limitations selective attention; and 2) Determining mechanisms of selective attention. My empirical approach to address these aims combines the experimental rigor of cognitive psychology and multiple measures of brain function (functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), electroencephalography (EEG)) and computational analyses. Using these methods, my work converges on the notion that selective attention is a flexible information processing mechanism that adjusts dynamically based on our internal goals and our external world.

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Jocelyn Sy, Postdoctoral Researcher
Current Lab Members
Hana Eaton, Graduate Student

Lauren Hartsough, Graduate Student
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Former Lab Members
Post-doctoral Researchers

Dr. Benjamin Tamber-Rosenau
   Assistant Professor
   University of Houston

Dr. Mona Sobhani

Dr. Suk Won Han
   Chungnam National University
   South Korea

Dr. Paige Scalf
   Assistant Professor of Psychology
   University of Arizona

Dr. Paul E. Dux (2005-8)
   Associate Professor of Psychology
   University of Queensland
   Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Dr. Michael Tombu (2005-8)
   Defense Scientist
   Thinking, Risk, and
   Intelligence Group
   Adversarial Intent Section
   Defense R&D Canada — Toronto

Dr. Jason Ivanoff (2003-6)
   Assistant Professor of Psychology
   Saint Mary’s University
   Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Graduate Students

Dr. Matthew Ginther

Dr. Doug Godwin

Anat Fintzi, MS

Dr. Daryl Fougnie (2003-10)
   Assistant Professor of Psychology
   NYU Abu Dhabi

Dr. Christopher Asplund (2005-10)
   Assistant Professor of Psychology
   Yale-NUS College

Dr. Joshua Buckholtz (2006-11)
   Assistant Professor of Psychology
   Harvard University

Dr. Michael Treadway (2006-2012)
   Assistant Professor of Psychology
   Emory University

Dr. J. Jay Todd (2002-8)
   Managing Scientist

   Exponent Consulting Firm
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I received my BS in Neuroscience from Stonehill College and then worked as an NIH Post-Baccalaureate IRTA Fellow before beginning my graduate work in the Marois Lab. I am currently investigating the neural correlates of attentional shifts and other attentional processes using high field strength fMRI and eye-tracking. I am also using graph theoretical methods to investigate and characterize neural functional connectivity during various attentional tasks.
I completed my undergraduate work at Colorado State University, receiving a BS in Psychology and BA degrees in Sociology/Criminal Justice and Spanish. I began my graduate work in the Marois Lab in August of 2015. My current research interests include the role of emotion in punishment decision-making, comparisons of human second- and third-party punishment, and legal burdens of proof. I am further interested in examining how legal thresholds, such as those applied by juries, relate to decision-making outside of the legal system.