These laughs are a sample of the variety of laugh sounds we have recorded during the course of our research. They include an array of laugh types, including voiced song-like laughs, unvoiced grunt-like laughs, and unvoiced snort-like laughs. Considerable variability is also being found within these broad categories. For example, grunt-like laughs include sounds that might better be described as pants and cackles. "Voiced" means that there is measurable periodicity in vocal fold vibration. Voiced laughs are vowel-like in nature. "Unvoiced" laughs are those for which the vocal folds are comparatively uninvolved in the production process. For grunt-like laughs, sounds exit through the mouth, whereas for snort-like laughs, sounds exit primarily through the nose. To date, we are finding that females produce about 50% song-like, 25% grunt-like, and 25% snort-like laughs whereas males produce an equivalent number of each laugh type. (Files are in .wav format.)
Laugh 1 High-pitched, song-like (female)
Laugh 2 Long duration, song-like (female)
Laugh 3 Song-like with notable pitch modulation (female)
Laugh 4 High-pitched, song-like (female)
Laugh 5 Low-pitched, song-like (female)
Laugh 6 High-pitched, song-like (male)
Laugh 7 High-pitched, song-like (male)
Laugh 8 Low-pitched, chuckle-like (male)
Laugh 9 Unvoiced, grunt-like (female)
Laugh 10 Unvoiced, snort-like (female)
Laugh 11 Unvoiced, grunt-like (male)
Laugh 12 Unvoiced, snort-like (male)
Laugh 13 Unvoiced, snort-and then pant-like (male)
Laugh 14 Unvoiced, snort-like and then cackle (male)

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