Workin' in My Sleep
(By Julie Mavity-Hudson  circa 07/1999 to the tune of Walkin’ in My Sleep by Arthur Smith)

Workin' in my sleep, Viv, workin' in my sleep,
Cuttin' brains & eyeballs, workin' in my sleep.
Casagrande had a lab, filled with students and postdocs,
They brought their families to Nashville, and gladly took their knocks.
Sherre drew nice axons, though her slides were broke,
She dropped a bottle of acid, and we nearly all did choke.
George drank beer from a coffee cup, he was a little weird,
I kicked him in the shins once, but now he's disapeared.
Ed Lachica had a mission, he worked both day and night,
When Jim and George got into it, he broke up the fight.
Jim had quite a temper, he sure knew how to yell,
He cursed and screamed but when he left he said I sure was swell.
Alfonso was fun to have around, he came here from Chile,
He took a siesta every day, and told jokes that were silly.
John knows how to record a cat and that sure is a fact,
He left to got to Switzerland, but we're sure glad he's back.
Ding came here from China, he could always find LGN,
Maybe someday we'll be as good, but I sure don't know when.
(I know you're gettin' tired of this, it's gettin' kind of long,
There's only a few left in the lab and then I'll end my song.)
Amy is a graduate student, she is awful nice,
She thinks and reads and writes a lot and chops the tails off mice.
Jennifer injects in LGN, whenever she can find it,
She works real hard and stays real late but doesn't seem to mind it.
Opie was a work-study, he was fun to have around,
He got a lot of work done, and left cute notes we found.
Jamie wrote the Owl Monkey paper and injected in DM,
He's gone back to Canada, we surely do miss him.
Xu is our new graduate student, he's givin' it all he has,
He works real hard and stays real late and makes us all look bad.
If you see my Viv, Don't tell her where I am,
I'm out playin' music-be back 'fore I get canned.