We Love You Jennifer

(By Julie Mavity-Hudson  circa 10/2002)

We love you Jennifer, we really do
Youre going to Utah, we know its true
Oh wont you please take us, with you
Oh, Jennifer well miss you.

You made recordings, in LGN
And you could do it, again & again
You prove it once again, my friend
That women are better than men.

Intracellular injections, oh howd you do it
Im pretty sure that I, am going to rue it
When Vivien asks me how, its done
Oh Jennifer Id better run.

Now every day its true, as I eat lunch
I know Im gonna miss, our fun lunch bunch
I hope youll think of me, and not the view
Oh Jennifer, Ill miss you.

The Casagrande lab, will seem quite tame
And Halloween will never, be the same
In spite of students who, are new
Oh, Jennifer well miss you.