Drawing and Writing

One day an ant strayed across a piece of paper and saw a pen writing in fine, black strokes.

"How wonderful this is!" exclaimed the ant. "This remarkable thing, with a life of its own, makes squiggles on this beautiful surface, to such an extent and with such energy that it is equal to the efforts of all the ants in the world. And the squiggles which it makes -- these resemble ants; not one, but millions, all run together.

He repeated his ideas to another ant who was equally interested. But another ant said, "I have now also observed this strange object. But I have determined that it is not the master of this work. You failed to notice that this pen is attached to certain other objects which surround it and drive it on its way. These should be considered as the moving factor and given the credit." Thus were fingers discovered by the ants

But another ant, after a long time, climbed over the fingers and realized that they made a hand which he thoroughly explored by scrambling all over it. He returned to his fellows, "Ants! I have news of importance for you. Those smaller objects are part of a large one. It is this which gives motion to them."

But then it was discovered that the hand was attached to an arm, and the arm to a body, and there wre feet which did no writing. The investigations continue. Of the mechanics of writing the ants have a fair idea. Of the meaning and intention of writing and how it is ultimately controlled they will not find out by their customary method of investigation.

Drawing Writing